High-Quality Chamber Reamers
Made in Germany since more than 60 years

Our chamber reamers are made from best high speed cutting steel and are perfectly ground on a 5-axis CNC-grinding machine.

All reamers have a square for hand use and a precision ground cylindrical shank with metric dimensions.

The pilot is changeable and made from brass.

The dimensions are according to CIP-standards, SAAMI-standards or customers specifcations (wildcats).

We have standard reamers (all diameters +0,05mm or 0,002”) or minimum reamers.

Minimum reamers are especially used for the manufacture of pressure test barrels or for high precision match rifles.

We have complete reamers, which include the forcing cone and rim but we recommend the finishing-reamer and the forcingcone-reamer in two pieces for more variability.

We produce reamers for rifles, pistols and revolvers as well as for shotgun work!

For further information please contact our english-speaking customer-service on info(at)triebel-guntools(dot)de

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Triebel Guntools

is a forward-looking, innovative german company, staying
in contact with many proof-houses, police-authorities and
of course gunsmith and handgun manufacturers all over the world.

The Quality-Management-System of Triebel Guntools Company
is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008!

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